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As a former basic and applied scientific researcher, laboratory director, laboratory safety officer, laboratory radiation officer, teacher, chemist, certified industrial hygienist, hazardous exposure risk assessor, biophysicist and consultant, Dr. Guth brings over 50 years of extensive and in-depth experience in numerous scientific disciplines and specialized professions to bear in his independent consultations, assessments and case reviews. He has been a named expert in many hundreds of legal cases across the U. S. and has been Daubert-qualified and testified in well over 100 trials.  He has also been an invited, paid peer reviewer and consultant to the U.S. E.P.A., O.S.H.A., and other governmental bodies. 


His legal expert and consultation work has included many cases and projects in the following subject areas:


*Chemistry (General, Analytical, Instrumentation, Standard Methods, Inorganic, Organic, Polymer, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Clinical Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Criminalistics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Illicit Drug Testing, Petroleum Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Soil & Agricultural Testing, Hazardous Waste Testing, Water & Wastewater Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry and Compressed Gas Purity, Industrial Hygiene Analytical Methods, Asbestos Analysis, Radioisotope Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Lead Paint Testing, Paint Chemical Testing, Standards Certification Testing, and Analysis of Unknown Substances)


*Laboratory Design, Good Laboratory Practices, Staff and Data Management, Safety and Testing Methodology Issues


*Laboratory Methodologies and Quality Assurance of Results


*Development and Validation of New Laboratory and Field Test Methods


*Microscopy (Optical and Electron Microscopy)


*Asbestos Product Characteristics and Exposure Potential


*Asbestos Product Retrospective Exposure Assessments


*Lead Paint Retrospective Exposure Assessments (Children, Workplace)


*Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulfide Poisoning Determinations


*Asphyxia Determinations


*Solvent Exposures and Disease Causation (Petroleum Products, Benzene, Aromatics, Halogenated Solvents, Ketones, Glycols, Etc.)


*Acid and Alkali Injuries


*Tobacco Exposure and Usage Risks


*Silica/Quartz Exposure Assessments


*Formaldehyde Exposures


*Mold Exposure and Indoor Air Quality Assessments


*Numerous Other Toxic Chemical Exposures


*General Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene and Safety Assessments


*Health & Safety Program Evaluations, OSHA and EPA Compliance Evaluations


*Slip/Trip/Fall Investigations


*Wrongful Death Determinations


*Chemical, Fire, Smoke, Explosion and Confined Space Injuries and Deaths


*Material Science Defect or Quality Issues (Chemical Composition, Surface Finishes and Treatments, Design or Manufacturing Defects, Physical Properties, Wear or Durability Issues)


*Product Failure and Product Liability Determinations


*Container Explosions and Accident Reconstruction


*Medical Device Failure Analysis


*Metallurgical, Plating, Corrosion and Surface Treatment Failures


*Construction Material Failure Determinations


*MSDS Preparation and Evaluations, Labeling, Warnings and Packaging Issues


*Toxicology and Cancer Causation Assessments


*Radiation Exposures


*Pathogen and Biological Agent Tracing


*Arson/Fire/Explosion Causation/Flammability and Flame Retardant Issues


*General Forensic Laboratory Methods and Result Evaluations


*Illicit Drug and Blood Alcohol Test Result Evaluations, Pharmaceutical Drug Side Effects, and Drug-Related Death Determinations


*Compressed Gas Purification and Purity


*Food Processing, Safety, Purity, Content and Packaging Issues


*Industrial Plant Chemical Management Failures; Explosions and Fire Cause Determinations


*Air, Soil and Water Pollution Source Tracing and Evaluations


*Hazardous Material Testing and Remediation Project Design and Management


*Environmental and Product-Based Microbiology


*Product Specification Testing and Quality Assurance 


Mold & Mildew

Crime Lab Quality Issues


Environment/Health and Safety

Paints & Coatings

Industrial Accidents


Carbon Monoxide Incidents

Forensic Science


Chemical Safety

Hazardous Materials

Indoor Air Quality

Industrial Accidents

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Toxicology


Labels & Warnings

Laboratory Testing & Analysis



Material Failure Investigations/Analysis

Worker Safety

Lead Paint Exposures

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