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Legal Forms and Commonly Used Form Letters for Legal Purposes
A Disclaimer and Word of Caution:
Are you a legal professional looking for common forms and form letters with which to set up a new office? The forms being made available are for informational purposes only and may not be applicable or acceptable in all jurisdictions. If not a legal professional, then do you really need a lawyer, or do you just need to create a document that uses the language lawyers use?

We offer no legal advice here, but we do have sample documents that you are free to use
... at your own risk, of course. We make no warranties or promises in their use.  For legal certainty for your particular location and purposes, we always recommend and advise the use of a licensed attorney or other legal professional before finalizing a legally-binding document. All forms are in MS Word document format.
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Acknowledgement of Receipt of Goods

Affidavit and Waiver of Right of Rescission

Agreement to Compromise Debt

Agreement to Execute Lease

Agreement to Sell Business

Agreement to Sell Business Property

Amendment to Lease

Assignment of Copyrights

Assignment of Contract

Assignment of Contract to Sell Land

Assignment of Lease

Assignment of Money Due

Assignment of Note

Assignment of Receivable

Assignment of Stock

Bad Check Form Letter

Bill of Sale - General Form

Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle

Bill of Sale with Encumberances

Bill of Sale without Warranties

Bill of Sale of Business

Bulk Sales Affidavit

Bulk Sale Contract

Buyer-Seller Assignment of Rights

Demand for Payment

Buyer's Dispositions
Buyer's Notice of Discovery of Breach
Buyer's Objections
Buyers Notice of Litigation
Cancel Order Notice
Cancellation of Lease
Certificate of corporate vote
Commercial Lease
Consent to Assignment - Contract
Consignment Brokers Agreement
Contract to Sell Goods
Credit Application
Declaration of Nominee Trust
Demand For Goods
Demand by Secured Party for Possession of Collateral
Demand for Payment
Demand of Guarantor
Demand to Pay Collateral
Discharge of Security Interest
Employee Invention Agreement
Employee Non-Compete Agreement
Employee Non-Compete Agreement - Specific Acts
Employee Non-Compete Agreement - Specific Location
Employee Reimbursement Agreement
Employment Agreement
Escrow Agreement For Bulk Sales
Final Notice Before Legal Action
Firm Offer to Sell
Firm Price Quote
Form of document for firing employees
General Proxy
General Release
Guaranty 2
Indemnification Agreement
Independent Contractor Agreement
Installment Agreement to Pay Debt
Involuntary Discharge From Employment
Irrevocable Trust
Joint Venture Agreement
Lease of Personal Property
Limited Warranty
Loan Purpose Affidavit
Medical care plan: minutes of special meeting of directors
Merchant Buyers Request
Minutes of annual meeting of stockholders
Minutes of meeting of directors
Minutes of special meeting
Minutes of special meeting of directors
Mutual Release
Non-Disclosure Agreement
Notice - Assignment of Debt
Notice - Delivery Not To Be Made
Notice - Disputed Balance
Notice - Non-Payment of Rent
Notice Delinquent Account Turned Over to Collection
Notice by Seller - Commencing Performance
Notice of Breach of Warranty
Notice of C.O.D

Revocable Trust

Notice of Default
Notice of Defective Goods
Notice of Delinquent Account
Notice of Election to Return
Notice of Non- Confirmation of Goods
Notice of Rejection of Goods
Notice of Right of Rescission
Notice of annual meeting
Notice of meeting of directors
Notice of special meeting of directors
Notice of special meeting of shareholders
Notice to Accept Non- Confirmation of Goods
Notice to Bank to Stop Payment on a Check
Notice to Creditors - Full Payment
Notice to Creditors - Partial Payment
Notice to Exercise Lease Option
Notice to Terminate Tenancy at Will - (Landlord)
Notice to Terminate Tenant at Will - (Tenant)
Occupancy Agreement
Offer of Employment
Partnership Agreement
Payment Against Documents
Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney - Signing Checks
Promissory Note - Balloon
Promissory Note - Demand
Promissory Note - Guaranty
Promissory Note - Interest
Promissory Note - Long Form
Promissory Note - Open Debt
Promissory Note - Series
Ratification of Unauthorized Signature
Ratification of meeting
Real Estate Broker's Agreement
Real Estate Note
Receipt - General Form
Receipt - Specific
Rejected Goods
Rejection Letter - Employment
Renounce Claim of Breach
Request for Employment References
Resignation Letter
Resignation of Director
Resignation of Officer
Revocation of Acceptance
Revocation of Power of Attorney
Sales Agency Agreement
Second Request for Payment
Section 1244 corporation: minutes of board of directors
Security Agreement
Self- Renewing Lease
Sellers Agreement to Repurchase
Sellers Confirmation of Order
Sellers Demand Breach is Specified
Sellers Litigation
Sellers Offer to Accommodate Buyer
Settlement Offer
Short Form Lease - Residential
Special meeting waiver of notice
Specific Release
Subordination Agreement of Security Debt
Subordination to Stated Amount
Suspension Notice - Employment
The When, Where, and How of Model Releases
Vote: execution of lease
Vote: setting salary
Waiver of Breach
Waiver of notice of annual meeting
Waiver of notice of meeting of directors
Warning Notice - Employment
Will - Simple Form


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