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Dr. Joseph H. Guth is the president and principle expert of Scientific and Forensic Services, Inc. Having a broad range of in-depth experience in numerous fields of science, Dr. Guth owned and operated several testing and R&D laboratories over a 30+ year period, including nationally-known Interscience Research Inc. In basic and applied research, university teaching and finally as Laboratory Director, his scientific expertise was developed first-hand in the many specialties that his laboratories were called upon to perform. Attorneys throughout the U.S. have found his ability to examine, test and evaluate their cases and the evidence to be invaluable. If desired he can provide multifaceted support for many kinds of cases. Examples of his broad expertise also involve such issues as Standards of Industry, state-of-the-art, duty-to-warn, warning labeling and applicable governmental regulations.
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joseph H. Guth. My professional career has already been a long one (well over 50 years). It has spanned various disciplines of chemistry and related fields in depth. I have spent many years in basic, as well as applied research fields and have also successfully operated commercial testing and R & D laboratories for over 30 years in several areas of the U.S. The last commercial laboratory was Interscience Research, Inc. in Norfolk, Virginia and was recognized as a top laboratory nationally in a number of fields, including full field and laboratory services in environmental, asbestos, lead, water, air, gas, petroleum products, general chemical analysis, standards and product specification testing, metallurgical evaluation, failure analysis, polymers, forensics, industrial hygiene, microbiological, mold and related indoor air quality, radon and radiation exposure, and general and specific product/operation quality control testing for various industries.

In my career, I have taught basic and advanced chemistry and biochemistry at the university level, as well as trained thousands of people in a wide variety of technical disciplines, including all aspects of asbestos and industrial hygiene project activities. If I can't help you with the answer to your scientific-legal questions, I probably know an expert who can answer them. I look forward to assisting you in any way that either I, or our organization, can.

Some of My Experience Includes
Laboratory Analysis of
Asbestos Fibers (Chrysotile Shown)
Under Polarized Light Microscopy

Chrysotile Asbestos Under PLM

and Inspecting and Sampling For It
Field Sampling

Often introducing knowledge and fairness
Seeking the Truth
into a frequently murky and unfair process

Client Responses

"Just a short note to let you know how very much we appreciate your support and cooperation in this case. As you know, I believe, we were able to resolve the matters at issue between the parties without a trial. Had it not been for your help, we would never had been able to resolve this case successfully. As I am sure you know, our civil justice system is far from perfect. It is time consuming, complex, expensive and frustrating for both litigants and witnesses alike. However, I hope that you realize that it is because of good people like you who commit themselves to justice and to participation in the process that we are ultimately able to achieve a fair and equitable result in a case like this one. It is folks like you who enable folks like me to continue to believe in the process and to continue to believe that, so long as we continue to have the heart and the will to bear the many burdens of the battle, justice will ultimately prevail."

James C. Brincefield, Jr.
David A. Clark
Jacqueline R. Shapo
Michael W. Tompkins

Brincefield, Hartnett & Associates, P.C.
Alexandria, VA (Letter to Dr. Joseph H. Guth)


"This case has been resolved through mediation. On behalf of ... (name redacted), thank you for your assistance and expertise in this matter. It was a pleasure working with you and we would not have achieved such a successful outcome with the Board and the lawsuit without you."

Brian O. Dolan
Kaufman & Canoles P.C.
Norfolk, VA (Letter to Dr. Joseph H. Guth)


"Dr.Guth, the case has been settled and you can close your file. Though we didn't go to trial your work was most helpful as it gave strong "ammunition" for negotiation...thanks again for your assistance."

Richard T. Wilson
The Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos, P.C.
Wilmington, DE and Baltimore, MD (Letter to Dr. Joseph H. Guth)


"Dr. Guth,

The jury returned a verdict today in favor of the Plaintiff in the Schwartz case. $20.1 million. Thanks again for all your help."

Email to Dr. Joseph H. Guth from Anthony Gallucci, Kelley & Ferraro LLP (2015)

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