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Legal Forms and Commonly Used Form Letters for Legal Purposes (Continued)
A Disclaimer and Word of Caution:
Are you a legal professional looking for common forms and form letters with which to set up a new office? The forms being made available are for informational purposes only and may not be applicable or acceptable in all jurisdictions. If not a legal professional, then do you really need a lawyer, or do you just need to create a document that uses the language lawyers use?

We offer no legal advice here, but we do have sample documents that you are free to use
... at your own risk, of course. We make no warranties or promises in their use.  For legal certainty for your particular location and purposes, we always recommend and advise the use of a licensed attorney or other legal professional before finalizing a legally-binding document. All forms are in MS Word document format.
More Downloadable Forms Are Being Posted Frequently. Please try again.

Complaint for Injunctive Relief

Open Book Account Declaration Form

Lease Termination Agreement

Exclusive Prop Lease Listing Agreement

To Execute Covenant Not to Sue Agreement

Allegation of Jurisdiction

Amendment to Answer

Amendment to Complaint


Cancellation of Lease

Change of Venue Motion

Covenant Not to Sue

Covenant Not to Sue - Short Form

Motion for Attorney Withdrawal

Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment

Mutual Release

Notice and Substitution of Attorney

Notice of Appeal

Notice of Motion to Strike

Notice of Ruling on Motion


Release of All Claims-Individual

Statement of Attorney -- Releasor

In Forma Pauperis Affidavit

Indemnity Agreement

Legal Services Agreement


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