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In the vein of Sir Bertrand Russell

These pages contain some of the flood of thoughts that course through my consciousness each day. Read them if you dare. Refute them if you can. Think about them if you can't come up with anything better.

I used to enjoy lively debates for the intellectual stimulation and clarification they brought to my own world views. Now I find that many of those antebellum year mental jousts have developed a gravity and mortal character in the last 60 years. Our way of life evolves and devolves, our quality of life decomposes, and our political and social institutions generally putrify as the years pass. It is a sad commentary on the Western Tradition that some of us have become such focussed observers that we can no longer see "The Rise" but only "The Fall" of those institutions and the national bedrock from which they originally sprang.

Only a general and widespread acknowledgment and commitment to overcoming such downward collapse could save the day and the two millennium long march of human progress that preceded our last couple of generations. But absurdity, illogicality, avarice, antisocial and sociopathic behavior, and the discarding of older, time-tested values has washed over the landscape. The national mores and our economy have sustained mortal damage. Havoc has been wreaked on a mature culture that now has almost become extinct. Perhaps some of the thoughts you find here will strike a chord loud and stimulating enough for you to find new strength to fight this counter-tide. Let's all hope for the best. Please visit the various essays and web pages in this site for a bit of my illumination.