Societal-Political Philosophy 101

Philosophy on "Beliefs"
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Beliefs -- Do They Help or Hinder Us?

We start with a series of ideas and definitions.

1. "Belief" is a state of total ignorance of the facts and total blindness to one's real physical, psychological and social world. It is indistinguishable from a state of psychosis or religious fervor.

2. Many more people define themselves by their cultivated "beliefs" than by their creativity, intellect or accomplishments.

3. "Beliefs" are an unacceptable substitute for contemplation and thought. They are an emotional reflex arc that short-circuits the mind.

4. When "beliefs" become the guiding light, you have lost your real independence. Now other, self-appointed "shepherds" can lead you anywhere they want and you happily follow. It is the blind leading the blind.

5. When in doubt, a "believer" asks another for the answer. When unsure, a thinker seeks out more facts and then reasons the answer for him or herself. The first is mentally lazy or worse, and the latter is exercising that normally under-used cranial muscle, effectively increasing their survival capabilities.

6. The world has become more delineated socially and governmentally but more out of balance. Polarization is both a means and an end for the majority. Black and white are now the dominant colors, blotting out the rich range of shades of grey.

7. The "believers" thoughtlessly procreate like lemmings, mindless of the future costs of raising their offspring while the relatively low numbers of the intelligensia languish. Education, literacy and analytical thinking are continuously under siege from those who seek to conquer their niches of humanity. Such withering of the thoughtful branch of Humanity is due to their forward-looking views and abilities to plan ahead for a better outcome. Unfortunately they fail to comprehend and defend themselves from the Malthusian war that the lemmings have already aimed at them. Wouldn't it be nice to have everyone able to afford their own offspring before they are allowed to breed and thus not have to rely on others' productivity and wealth to feed, house and educate them?

Undefinable, ignorant, superstitious and poorly raised children should not be our future. Only well-educated, self-reliant and common sensical children become productive members of society when we look to our future.