Societal-Political Philosophy 101

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New horizons come into view
When you look with open eyes and mind

Anyone can become more thoughtful as long as they are not a vegetable. Anyone can learn to better communicate with others through languages already established and definitions already accepted. Anyone can analyze old and new ideas and problems and solve actual problems if they are willing to seek out all sides of an issue and put themselves in others' shoes on occasion. Thus anyone can philosophize and benefit from this sublime and logical form of thinking. High IQ is not a prerequisite. Only those seeking higher standards and quality of life and arriving with an inquiring mind need apply.

Read, ponder, analyze, test, conjecture and refutation. These are the appetizers and main course of human thought that creates the bonds of humankind and allows us to build bridges over which to better travel to higher levels of illumination. Thoughtful people are less likely to be destructive or unpredictable companions. Peace and predictability is what most of us seek in our circle of friends, family and acquaintances. Perhaps philosophy should be a broad-ranging subject that is taught throughout all of our educational process.

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