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Microscopic needle-like asbestos fibers
can damage or kill cells by piercing their membranes

This website was originally established on different servers several years ago.  It continues to be found useful by many visitors.

Dr. Joseph H. Guth is a well-known asbestos consultant who has been involved since 1979 in virtually all phases of asbestos-related technology, analysis, exposure risk assessment, design and supervision of abatement projects, specification writing for abatement of asbestos hazards, creation of regulatory guidance documents, instruction of asbestos professionals and the creator of the first asbestos instruction programs in the U.S. (1980).  He has seen many changes and mistakes in the process and has worked for decades to improve our understanding and abilities to reduce or eliminate unnecessary exposures to asbestos in both the workforce and in the general population.  His professional background in more detail may be found here.

Our Philosophy

Ignorance is not bliss.  Armed with enough knowledge, you can preserve your health and life and the health and lives of others.

Our Company

Scientific and Forensic Services, Inc. provides consultation and legal expertise in many fields of science and technology through different experts it has in its databases.  Dr. Guth founded this company in 1997 after establishing a successful analytical laboratory and a project management company (Interscience Research, Inc. and Environmental Management Planning, Inc.) that were devoted to many kinds of hazard detection and responses.  Asbestos hazards were the most continuously needed services provided by these companies between the years of 1978 and 1997 when they were sold.  After 19 years of performing all of those services and conducting research in several areas of asbestos-related technology, Dr. Guth now provides his knowledge and teaching abilities to aid many who have suffered the long-term consequences of earlier asbestos exposures in the court room as an expert witness.  He is still committed to providing useful and reliable information about asbestos issues in order for people in all walks of life to know, understand and protect themselves from this pervasive and inherently dangerous material.

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