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World View:  The Basis for My Entire Philosophy

My Credo - The Calf Paths Of The Mind

I decided to create this website because after ruminating about it for almost 50 years, it seemed like the right thing to do.  It was for me personally, but after looking at it, I think that others will gain some insights, concepts and even understanding of the period that I have lived through and observed.  They may also find some concordance in their perceptions to mine.  And I would dearly hope that they could use at least some of the thoughts contained within to help them develop and retain their idealism, committment to better the world around them, and to work for a common future for all.
So with this as my "springboard", I will occasionally add to these pages to inform, provoke, and hopefully help the readers to see things from beyond their often narrow and personal perspectives.  Thank you for visiting this site and I hope you may learn to question EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE, INCLUDING ME.

People like to use labels to classify and categorize things, including others.  What can I provide you with as an oversimplified set of labels to describe my philosophy?  Let me give you a list of what I see myself having evolved into.
1.  Pure democracy Advocate (and against "representative" governance; please note the small "d" in democracy)
2.  Constitutionalist: The Constitution should become a "living document" rather than a petrified one.  As society and conditions change, our basic understandings and agreements revolving around how we govern ourselves should also be capable of adapting and evolving (with certain differences from the ideas of the founding fathers that I have a high regard for).
3.  Scientist: Chemist, Physicist, Biologist and Cosmologist: I see too many ignorant, uneducated or wrong-thinking people in the highest decision-making positions.  A consequence of the combined effect of the Peter Principle and Murphy's Laws I presume.  Scientists and the technically based experienced are relegated to "advisory" roles that can be over-ridden by whim or taint.  I do belive there is a better role that scientists can play in our civilization if given the chance.
4.  Secular Humanist: Human values are paramount in any society.  Religion has no role in self-governance no matter what the superstitious or ignorant profess.  Humanistic values and standards are what keeps an infant in clean diapers, a roof over one's head, a family together and one person from clubbing another over the head.  When many of the founding fathers left England for North America, they were escaping religious persecution and domination.  Now some 400 years later, religionists have again raised their swords against individual freedoms including the freedom of thought. Those unworthies are attempting to usurp the governing powers through coercion, condemnation, coopting, copulation and collusion.  They are attempting to out-breed and outnumber all others and forcibly legislate their own specious religious agendas onto the fabric of America.  I reject and stand firmly against them and their vindictive attempts to thwart individual freedom, attack informed communications, knowledgeable education, scientific progress and humanistic reasoning.  Religions have been at war with secular humanism, education, human reasoning and science since the beginning of Time.  They must be cast out of the fabric of our civilizations for us to truly save ourselves from their ignorance, violence, herding mindset and superstitions.  They represent the most loathsome form of tyranny.  More have died in the name of religion than in all the plagues and famines in Human history.
5.  Globalist: National boundaries, territoriality, economic domination, war as a tool of national policies will all have to eventually be modified, discarded or succumbed to.  It must either become a cooperative and peaceful world or a continuously self-destructive one a la Malthus since globalism is removing all of the quasi-stable balance points of civilization.  Everyone will be in communication and competition with every other human being on the planet for the same dwindling stocks of resources.  Differences in people, culture, religions and ethnicity will all become "greyed out" forcing a new dynamic in societies in collision with each other.
6.  Historian and Philosopher: Some of what you will find here.
7.  Atheist: Science requires at least 95% certainty about things while Religion requires at least 100% uncertainty (i.e., total ignorance) about those same things.  I have chosen the former path of reason.
8.  Population Control Advocate: You can't win this war with Malthus and Darwin.  Only Zero Population Growth at a level in balance with the earth's ecosystems will save our world's present species, including Homo sapiens.
9.  Environmentalist:  All growth curves have three phases: (a) exponential growth, (b) steady-state plateau, and (c) decline and death.  The world's overall integrated species count is in the early part of its death phase with declines in all natural species, habitats and increasing extinctions driven by Mankind's increasingly over-bloated population and industrialized pollution.  This will stop when we have directly or indirectly killed off most of life through waste endproducts and failure of the food chain we also depend on.  Then perhaps the few who have survived the extinction of Homo sapiens will be able to give birth to Homo ratiocinationis, or Reasoning Man.
10.  Societal Advocate: I have a "master plan" that you are invited to explore.  It is based upon a purely democratic society that comes together to seek out its own best interests and a mechanism for carrying out its wishes without dilution, corruption or political graft.
11.  Peace Advocate: Working for world peace with compromise but without acquiescence (but willing to protect our society through force when threatened)
12.  Ethics and Morals Advocate: A must if all members of society and their needs are to be addressed.  Only high ethical standards and good moral behavior can allow each member of a society to trust and depend upon all other members enough to work with them.  Unethical, immoral and amoral behavior is the basic raison d'etre of our criminal legal system and must be continually countered and eliminated.
13.  Share the Decisionmaking, Share the Work, Share the Reward, Share the Responsibility and Share the Loss Advocate: True equality amongst all but also partly based upon a division of labor model.
14.  Pro-Survivalist of Humanity: Did we spend the last few million years of evolution and few thousand years of intellectual and cultural development to just throw it away or blow it up now?  I would argue that we did not and are charged with the conservation of Mankind's collective productivity and development.
15.  Health and Safety Advocate: In this role, I try to see and practice "anti-Malthusianism".
16.  Pro-Universal Education: An informed, thoughtful and educated world population is much harder to manipulate by "authorities" and dictators.  Making it free and available to all is one sure means of reducing wars, increasing cooperation, improving quality of life, living longer, reducing population explosion and reducing crime.  Are we smart enough to see and implement this?  The internet and online education is a major tool to deliver such a gift to Humanity.
17.  Pro-Responsible Capitalism (with certain "Socialized" institutions to meet vital universal needs): People still need to be rewarded and recognized for their personal accomplishments.  A modified capitalism provides such a reward system though the current climate against any form of socialization of vital programs is antiquated and unhelpful.  Health and environmental programs that deliver vital services to all and that allow them to be maximally producive are in everyone's best interests.  Governmental delivery of health, law enforcement, emergency and military services, and education should all be depoliticized and socialized in a way that gives everyone an equal and effective opportunity to benefit from them.  That way these taxed-based services will be worth everyone's support.
18.  Strong social fabric Advocate: It is always true that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to anything that springs from living organisms.  In societies, whether of jellyfish, honey bees or humans, the cooperative working together of the individual cells or members results in a concerted action that no individual of such a group could ever attain.  In human terms, Mankind has accomplished more in a given period of time when following the precepts of a Social Compact than through any other understanding or force that could be effected.  A true democracy is not anarchy.  It is a system and condition of working together and towards a similar endpoint rather than independently and with infinitely different and divergent goals.
19.  Anti-Autocratic and Anti-Dictatorship Advocate: Autocracy and dictatorship are the antitheses of all that I find welcome or desirable as a method of governing ourselves.  Political and economic power-seeking and domination is an anti-life state of Nature.  It throws the entire set of interrelationships in a society out of balance.  It destroys cooperation, constructive alliances and creativity.  It poisons the waters of civilization building.  It generates strong negative historical phenomena that batter the self image of Humankind.  Whether springing from theocratic, racial, ethnic or cultural differences, such a top-down control of a society is what the enemy of all others becomes.
20.  Anti-Republican Political Advocate: The United States' Republican Party has not evolved from the time of Abraham Lincoln, who was its candidate.  Instead it has devolved into a base collection of avaricious, power-mongering, hypocritical sociopaths who loosely find enough in common to wear the same label and who only see the world in the black and white terms that they have blinded themselves with.  They are incapable of understanding and appreciating the wealth of grays and other colors of life.  They believe that the goverment should be run like a profit-generating business and is for sale to the highest bidder.  This is one of their party planks and is grounded on all the worst moral, ethical, philosophical and psychological principles.  Though many Democratic politicians have also sold their votes, allegiances and powers to special interests, the Democratic Party has at least not codified such sociopathic behavior as one of its underpinnings.  Extremism, whether from the very liberal left or from the ultraconservative pro-business fundamentalist right is incapable of seeing the vast picture in the middle of the stage.  But I am expecting that someday we will see the rising of a new, centrist, majority party which will not work towards the status quo with a new name, but rather become a catalyst for fundamental structural change in the way we govern ourselves and deal with internal and external problems.
In the coming pages, I will attempt to write essays on each of these positions and what my views are within those contexts as well as within the entire context of this website, namely my overall philosophy of life and the world.

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