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A Short Essay on the U.S. Role in the World and the War in Iraq
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Globalization and the Population Bomb
The Essence of Society -- A Division of Labor
The Social Contract and You
Morality, Ethics and the Social Contract
Truth, Fairness and Justice
"Extreme" Anything is Usually Bad for One's Health
Organized Religion -- Is It Really Necessary?
Pure Democracy -- Not "Representative" Government Nor Anarchy
Globalization -- The Last Stage of Cultural Evolution
The Physical Science Behind Economic Systems
Ethical Science and Technology

Here's a roadmap to my Philosophical Journal...

To help you better navigate my weblog, on this page I'll include a list of all my postings along with a quick synopsis of some of the topics covered in each. I'll include links so you can take a look at the postings that interest you or even download more extensive essays to read at your leisure later.

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Essays (To be added here for downloading as they become available for distribution)
Essay On Capital Punishment
Essay On Socialized Medicine
Essay On Insurance Companies and Risk Retention Groups
Essay On the Importance of Family
Essay On the Importance of Morals and Family Values
Essay On the Importance of Education
Essay On the Importance of Ethical Standards and Their Internalization
Essay On the Destructiveness of Greed and Avarice
Essay On the Nature of Man
Essay On the Future of Mankind
Essay On Globalization of the World's Nations, Economies and Cultures
Essay On the Need for Individual Participation in the Common Process of  Governance
Essay On the Need to Look Both at Ourselves and the Stars
Essay On the Oneness of the World's Biosphere
Essay On the Search for Longevity
Essay On Evolution and Natural Selection
Essay On Managing Our Own Genetic Pools

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Here I might include links to some of my favorite postings. If you're new to this site and want to get an idea of what it's like, these entries are the place to start.
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