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Old Paradoxes Revisited

Chaos Physics At All Size Scales: The Basic Underlying Patterns of the Universe

Infinite Universe, Infinite Amounts of Matter, Matter Mass Inhomogenieties, Infinitely Summed Gravitational Fields, Inertia and Momentum, and Newton's Laws of Motion

The Nature of Time, the Arrow of Time, Diffusion, the Expansion of the Universe and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

Olbers Paradox, Dark Matter, Intergalactic Medium, Dust Particles and Beers-Lambert Law:

Gravity, Collapse of Particle Ensembles, Energy Orbitals, and the Many States of Matter

Chaotic Design of the Universe, Quantum Theory and Fractional Dimensions, Atomic Theory and Atomic Orbitals

Vortex Field Nature of Subatomic Particles and Matter-Antimatter Annihilation and Pair Production

Chaos Theory, the Principle of Self Sameness, and Reproduction in Living Systems

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