The Physicochemical Universe
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The deeper into space we see, ...
the more there is to see!

This site has been created to document a reevaluation of our current state of knowledge regarding the physical universe, from the infinitesmal to the infinitely grand.  This reevaluation will attempt to maximize the integration of cosmology with as much of real world physics and chemistry as is feasible.  It will not be theoretically or mathematically based and thus untestable, as much of cosmology science is today.  Rather it will principally draw from real observations, behavior, properties and interactions as have been documented by experimentalists in all of these disciplines.  In that sense, it will present testable hypotheses in accordance with the best practices of the scientific method.  

It's author, Dr. Joseph H. Guth, is a scientist with a very long term interest in cosmology and all related sciences.  It will remain under construction indefinitely as long as our knowledge about the universe continues to expand.  Hopefully you, dear reader, will come back for an occasional visit.  You can be notified automatically each time these pages are updated by registering your interest.

I have been studying numerous fields of science since the middle of the 1950s.  I was taught early about the scientific method and I learned how powerful it was.  Though it is powerful, it still has its limitations.  Much as Mankind does.  Even with its limitations, it can illuminate the way for us much farther into the night of ignorance than can any other approach that I have ever tried.  I have learned how to apply it to so many different kinds of problems to be solved.  But I have become increasingly dismayed at how poorly it has been applied with the development of some important aspects of cosmology and subatomic physics.  As I read more of the basic observations and measurements that had been reported over the years and their initial interpretations, I realized that some very good science was not being brought to bear on these developments.  In particular, Occam's Razor seemed to have been cut from the value scale when multiple hypotheses are presented and applied to such observables.  And the principles regarding experimental reproducibility and testability have all but evaporated from several modern interpretations of cosmology.  So now I would invite you to revisit these phenomena with me as your guide and together let us see if they can withstand the rigorous tests of the scientific method in its most direct form. 

I hope to demonstrate to you that the current collection of cosmological theories all suffer from the same lack of physical foundations.  But I will not leave you without an anchorage.  Our current knowledge and understanding of ordinary matter and the chemistry and physics that describe it are more than sufficient to explain and enlighten those who are looking for the answers to our age-old questions:  What am I?  What is the universe made of?

-- Joseph H. Guth, Ph.D., March, 2002

Jet from a galactic sized black hole in M87
The physics and structure of supermassive black holes will amaze you.

Look long, look hard and look well.   --   J.H. Guth

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