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Esther Guth and Six Children Immigrate from Hungary

Esther and her six children enter the United States (Ellis Island records)

Esther Guth and six of her children

The above immigration and ship manifest records for Eszter Guth (wife of Yacob Guth), plus six of her seven surviving children: Sam, Saul, Louis, Joseph, Charlotte, and Max. They originated on Nagy Karolyi street in Budapest, Hungary and arrived from Bremen Germany's port into New York on Dec. 13, 1902 on the S.S. Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse. It looks like they were bound for Cleveland, Ohio to rejoin Eszter's husband Yacob and her father in law (?), David Guth, living in a town in New York. I don't yet have any information on Molly, Yacob or the others but I will let you know when I find something out. Her youngest child, William, my father, was born in the United States after she and the rest of the family emigrated here. (Information entered by Joseph Henry Guth, 11/26/2001)

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