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Welcome to our new retreat!

Friendship, friendly conversation, discussion and debates about our sciences, our world, our society, our universe and ourselves.  Just bring an open mind and your "thinking cap" and be prepared to share yourself and your thinking about any subject that may be of interest to you or others that meet and post here.  We will try to host regular meeting times as interest and demand prevail.  Now would you please sign the guest book (only one time is necessary) and introduce yourself, your areas of interests, your background (if you care to), and your preference for meeting time and format (e.g., message board, chatroom, etc.).  Only one rule applies... be nice and be considerate of others.

For chatting, we use Windows Messenger.   Just add my username ( to your contact list in your Windows Messenger utility and you will be notified when I am online and I can then set up the group chat room.  I will post or email pre-scheduled chat times when I can arrange and coordinate a number of schedules for different people in this group.

There are thousands of organizations, each with a specific purpose or goal.  But I am not trying to create an "organization".  Consider this more like a friday night wine and cheese party with highly interesting people who love to exchange ideas and new information.  Feel free to pose questions and expect answers.  Two pieces of very important and honest advice that I can share with you are these:  (1) There are no such things as "stupid" questions or answers, everything is fair game for a detailed examination.   (2) Consider that your audience has infinite intelligence and zero knowledge about any subject offered for discussion.  In order to get the most of this kind of group interaction, patiently give the entire group all of the necessary information or facts needed by anyone to logically follow a discussion of the subject and it will become a dialogue, rather than a monologue!  Remember... we love MINDS here as well as ideas.

Please email Joe Guth to offer comments and suggestions (always welcome) and join our mailing list.

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The internet has brought our world so close together.  Now let us put our heads together to look more closely at it!

We invite you to visit with us or attend any prescheduled events. Our host (Joe Guth) is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the group and how you can join the discussions or introduce a new topic on the board or the mailing list.

Webmaster, Organizer and Your Faithful Host: Joseph H. Guth, Ph.D.