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The Endless Fluorescent Universe

Joseph H. Guth, Ph.D.

A Common Physical Property Of Matter Explains The Apparent Redshift


What if the universe were infinite without beginning and without end? And what if this meant that the entire cosmos were infinite in its spatial dimensions? And what if it were neither expanding, inflating, nor contracting at a later period of its existence? Well folks, there are very good scientific reasons why the universe can be understandable in terms of our everyday science. It will be a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) universe! With no need to invoke esoteric concepts and invisible, other-dimensional superstrings, WIMPS, or Big Bang consequences like the above absolute zero background radiation that is seen in the infrared and microwave spectrum. I would like to take you on a fascinating trip with me to the vastness of space, the microcosm of living cells and the origin of life on earth, and the ultimately smallest scale of matter of quarks and other subatomic particles. I promise if you stay with me on this, that you will find it much easier to comprehend, understand and accept than the current crop of disparate (and sometimes desperate) theories abounding these days.

Fluorescence is the absorption of light waves of a shorter wavelength and the subsequent re-emission of light waves at longer wavelengths.  With a broad spectrum absorbing capability, ordinary carbonaceous soot, with its content of complex polyaromatic hydrocarbons and indefinitely large fullerene type molecules could provide the perfect, broad-spectrum universal fluorophore.  The ultimate in redshifting matter!  On earth, we simulate the perfect experimental Black Body with carbon black... SOOT!  And interstellar and intergalactic space is loaded with the stuff.

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