Religious Conquests
How the Major Religions Have Used Warfare for World Domination

Ghengis Khan and the Mongols swept across the Far East, Asia and what is now Europe during the 12th century to conquer most of that continent and subjugate and enslave the peoples, extract wealth from those rudimentary economies, collect slaves and aggrandize himself as the most powerful alpha male of that time.  The pharaohs, the ancient Caesars of Rome, Alexander the Great, and the early rulers of China previously had developed powerful military might to reclaim widespread parts of the known world, creating empires in their own often egomaniacal  power plays.  The various monarchies, empires, dictatorships and German Reichs that have sprouted in Asia, Africa and Europe ever since that time have followed essentially the same plan for the same reasons:  it was secular greed and power-seeking as their primary motivations and all have used the same formula of military force, coercion, threat of torture, rape & pillage, death and genocide against all who they dominated or who tried to resist. 

Crusaders... Belief from a sharp edgeNow compare this behavior and strategy with the various major organized "religions" and their leaders over that same period and you will see striking parallels.  It is my conclusion that the prophets and religious tyrants actually were motivated by the same base immorality of greed, self-interest and arrogance that their less camouflaged secular counterparts were driven by.  They were however not limited in their scope by national boundaries nor by physical barriers.  The prophets and high priests professed that all had "souls" that were conveyed to each person by a god that they claimed only spoke and acted through them, the chosen ones.  Thus even generals and kings were required to obey them and pay homage to their god through those shamans, high priests, ministers and popes.  Otherwise, those that defied them were threatened with Purgatory, Limbo and Hell.  If they accepted, behaved and paid tribute to those religious leaders in control, their reward was another falsely promised fantasy place that never need be proven... they could have life eternal in an idyllic heaven or paradise.  When you look at this set of psychological strategies as applied to a society of superstitious, ignorant and illiterate non-intellectuals, whether Christian zealots or Islamic fundamentalists, it is not surprising that they have succeeded in capturing the vast majority of humanity within their iron grip.  Currently, 98% of the U.S. population according to a recent poll professes a belief in a god or other all-knowing, all-powerful being. 

Organized religion has considered science and its concepts heretical since before the time of Galileo, since it teaches critical independent thinking, logic, analytical observation and a defined method of verification.  It is a system that seeks the truth.  The tyranny of organized religion tries to achieve just the opposite because the truth exposes their lies and fantasies.  Such a system of skeptical thinking is antithetical to the dogmatists of the various churches in the world.  The Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition attempted to conquer all who were not Christian in their beliefs using swords, pikes, crucifixion, fire and torture racks wherever they met resistance.  Islam has never hidden its warlike agenda of religious conquest.  It is a religion as well as a savage philosophy of world domination.  The war between Islam and Christianity that began shortly after Mohammed instilled his beliefs in followers is actually still being fought.  The one consolation to me is that perhaps, just perhaps, we may see these two Goliath religions tear each other apart and in the process, open peoples' eyes to their real evil.  A loss of their followers could save humanity another dire lesson if this occurred.   It would not be an understatement to say that more have suffered and died in the name of religion that of any other cause.  All that while, those religions hypocritically and falsely preached love, honor and peace. 

What now is so worrisome is that the world in the 21st century is being held hostage by religiously driven American military might that is controlled by a relatively small number of individuals who have the same designs on it and are using the same strategies as both the secular and the religious madmen of the past.  This dual-pronged attack by religionists is the best financed one and most powerful in Mankind's history.   The U.S. government has been usurped by big business and powerful businessmen using a stolen election process.  The disconnect caused by the antiquated Electoral College system allowed them to wrest away free choice of those governed through deception, lies, intimidation, ballot box crimes, legal confrontation and undoubtedly many other illegal and immoral acts.  President George W. Bush, the figurehead for this onslaught, is a miscreant who maintains many hidden agendas in his malfeasance whilst he plays on the fears and anger of so many who

are psychological  "sheep" in the country.  They are sheep because they take little or no responsibility in making their own decisions, abrogating that important task to their supposedly beneficent elected officials.  Nixon used the government to go after his perceived enemies at home as well as using the military abroad to bolster other dictatorships around the world.  Bush has followed in his footsteps but has even grander designs for power and wealth.  Is it more than coincidence that both were from the same Teutonic background as was Hitler and Kaiser Wilhelm?  Is it more than coincidence that Nixon had his Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Haig, and Kissinger while Bush has his Rumsfeld?  The Germanic cultures all demanded rigorous adherence to a pecking order, unquestioning obedience to authority, exactitude and a brutish militaristic mindset.  The behavior and psychological responses of George W. Bush are quite predictable when drawing from that set of rules.

By and large, the elected officials do more for themselves, special interest groups and their "sponsors" than they do for the electorate.  The system of "representative government" has been broken almost from the start because the Founding Fathers didn't take the baser, more evil nature of Man into account.  They hoped that gentlemen statesmen would arise from the masses and serve.  But there is an inherent conflict of interest when you put any human into the driver's seat of a government and pass him the reins of its economic engine.  There is almost always a "self interest-versus-interest-of-others antagonism that needs to be checked and balanced.  With immoral, unethical or criminal electees, this is tantamount to putting the fox in charge of hen house security. 

These officials have in fact become allied with religious demagogues such as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Ralph Reed and many other evangelical and "born again" Christian groups as well as big business tycoons like Warren Buffett, Rupert Murdoch and the Saud family.  Deceitful and powerful bosses of large corporations like Enron and Arthur Anderson raped and pillaged their employees' and shareholders' stakes in those companies and then tried mightily to evade responsibility for their greedy actions.  Only through a massive revulsion bordering on revolt did the electorate manage to regain a small portion of their economic autonomy and sense of equity.  Unfortunately the onslaught continues and institutions that forewarned them of the imminent threat to their freedoms are undergoing a long, slow process of collapse.  The fourth estate, a free Press, has been bought and consolidated by conservative, Republican billionaires like Murdoch, Steve Case of AOL/CNN and Bill Gates of MSNBC.  They all recognize that control of news media assures a brainwashed citizenry.  Network news is forced to entertain rather than inform and has become a victim of the Nielsen rating wars.  CNN news is now a Fox News flunky operation catering to sensationalism, Republican apologism and pandering to corporate America.  Independent news reporters have either been forced to retire or been fired.   National Public Radio and Television are beginning to gird for a long dry spell financially as conservative members of Congress and conservative group strategists call for reduction or elimination of their tax-based funding because of their generally honest, insightful reporting, programming and desire to educate rather than placate.  I would argue that if NPR gave the Republican point of view and castigated the Democrats regularly there would be even more tax money voted to expand and maintain it. 

The so-called Patriot Act and like legislation keeps bubbling to the surface of the ever-weakening Congress allowing "law enforcement" police powers to trump Constitutional rights.  Right wing activist judges are being loaded into the Judiciary to maintain this semblance of legality.  The Justice Department and Attorney General are being as badly politicized by Bush and used as an economic club against the interests of the vast majority of the population in the same cavalier manner that President Richard Nixon criminally abused that institution and the country through John Mitchell and Watergate.  The current attempts of the Bush administration to undo the Big Tobacco litigation penalties is but one more example of this strategy.  If memory serves correctly, it required the threat of impeachment and Presidential resignation to stop that the last time it occurred.

As the population of the United States is selectively dumbed down through a relentless process of biased parochial and exclusive private school vouchers, public school underfunding, soap operas, tabloids, "reality" TV,  Jerry Springer pap, cessation of accurate news reporting, and religious hooliganism, this juggernaut of conquest will continue until we have become the country that no one ever wanted... Orwell's 1984!  And Big Brother will own us all.  I, for one, do not accept that.  I hope the majority of my fellow citizens will see their loss of power and reach out to regain it.   If you don't use it, you lose it!

-- Patrick Henry II --                 June, 2005